Freelance Rates

Freelance Writing, Editing, Proofreading Rates

Writing assignments are typically completed on a per-project basis while editing and proofreading assignments are done at an hourly rate. Some writers list a fee schedule and I used to as well, but this is actually counter-productive. Every client and project is unique. I think it’s important to gather your information and understand your goals first so that I can provide you with the most accurate quote possible (i.e. no surprises come invoicing time). My costs are reasonable and competitive and will vary depending on the following factors, not all-inclusive: the nature of the work and the amount of copy required (project size); quantity of background materials provided; the amount of independent research required; and the time frame of the assignment.

If project completion is requested within one business day of the receipt of materials, a 25 percent rush rate will be added to the total cost of the project.

Request an Estimate

The best way to get an idea of a fee for your intended project is to contact me. I’ll happily provide you with an estimate based on the parameters we discuss. If you already know your budget, I’ll tell you the creative assistance that can be provided for that amount. If projects should take on dimensions different from those agreed upon in the original estimate, I do reserve the right to alter the fees but only after a consultation with you. That being said, I will also lower the final price should the project take less time than estimated in the original quote.


If the freelance writing job, freelance editing job, or freelance proofreading job is large or long-term, a down-payment is required and sometimes intermediate payments. You will be invoiced upon project completion and fees are due Net 15. Checks and money orders are accepted. I reserve the right to assess a late fee of up to 20 percent of the total balance of your invoice, compounded monthly, if a project is not paid in full by its specified deadline.

Unless other contractual arrangements have been agreed upon, the Weiss Words Standard Terms and Conditions apply and will be provided to every new client once my freelance writer rates are accepted.

Any other questions, just shoot me an email. Thanks!