Simplify Life: A Freelance Writer Says Buh-Bye to Social Media

Plenty of my freelancing writing colleagues will gasp at a freelance writer giving up social media. But Facebook and Twitter add nothing to my life. I know what goes into taking some of those photos (25 other photos until you get the one magic shot). There are too many promotional posts. And, frankly, I don’t care if someone proclaims their gym achievements five days a week (this is not my kind of motivation), if a “clever” mom blogger has posted another video about why motherhood stinks (yes, we know, but you’re not that funny — ok, BatDad is funny), or if my favorite brand is having a giveaway (you know who you are and I love you, but I’m audi).

None of these are reasons to stay on social media. So, I’m saying adios.

bye social mediaThe funny thing is, as I’m writing this blog post, I realize I won’t be sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. Yes, I’ll post it on LinkedIn, which I suppose could become my new social network, but I really don’t spend much time there either. I don’t really want a social network, at least not one that lives online.

Let’s just call it what it is: I am the reluctant, unsocial writer who will rely on word of mouth and recommendations and the power of my website to bring in new clients. I can live with that. I’m pretty sure my clients weren’t finding me via FB or Tweets anyway.

Blogging Into the Future – Without Social Media

The privacy issue plaguing Facebook was a motivating factor to deactivate my account, but I had been considering it for a while. I removed the app from my phone, checked the site maybe once a week. I’ll miss the posts from my new cool pool of neighbors on our community page, and I’ll troll around out there once in a while to see if our kids’ schools have posted anything interesting. But this is my one-woman boycott — if there is something I need to know, if there is someone who needs to talk to me, these things will find me in other ways. Normal ways.

Sure, I still won’t answer my phone because I still hate talking on it, but I will text and email you all day long. As long as I’m not reading, because that is what I will be doing with all my new free time.