Feng Shui to Increase Fertility

If you’re trying to conceive and you’re a believer in feng shui (or you’re just ready to try anything to help you make a baby), you’ll want to read the fertility-friendly tips in this article.

Feng Shui to Increase Fertility

Protect Your Credit – Bada Bing!

Tony Montana didn’t care about his credit score. There was no paperwork to fill out when he needed a loan for his yayo. But your credit score does matter – and these gangster flicks will give you the goods on credit protection.

Protect Your Credit – Bada Bing!

Byline Beauties

My online presence is pretty fierce, if I do say so myself. Maybe you’ve seen my byline on one of these sites or others…

Byline Beauties

Is Twilight Ruining Relationships?

Edward Cullen – not real. Teen girls – wish he were real. Problems arise. Parents are baffled. ‘Nuff said. (Applicable for teens and adults… because, let’s face it, that vampire is a stone fox.)

Is <i>Twilight</i> Ruining Relationships?

Under the Knife

For some reason, I’m incapable of watching plastic surgery shows on television without turning away. But to write this article I actually stood in the operating room, mere inches from the slicing and dicing. The nurse had smelling salts for me, just in case, but I’m proud to say I didn’t droop one bit. We even listened to a little Frank Sinatra as this brave woman got herself a fresh face.

Under the Knife

Calling All Curly Girls

Being a curly girl myself, naturally I understand the plight of my fellow corkscrew gals. For iVillage.com, I pulled together this slideshow of great products and methods for making the most of Mother Nature’s sense of humor.

Calling All Curly Girls

Have You Had Your Credit Pimped?

The three consumers featured in this article, published on AOL’s Wallet Pop, were fortunate enough to get their credit “pimped” by financial experts. The pros point out the wise moves, the wonky ones, and give much-needed advice to the folk who are mucking up that three-digit number.

Have You Had Your Credit Pimped?
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