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Feature Article Writing

From Forbes to Reader’s Digest, Marie Claire to, lifestyle to parenting, finance to relationships, my feature articles appear on websites and in print publications, both big and small. View my portfolio.

Website Content Development

An experienced, versatile writer who is intimately familiar with SEO, social media manners, and WordPress, I write original web content for B2B and B2C websites that satisfies search engines and establishes my clients as experts in their fields.

Blog Writing

Evergreen web content is critical for SEO, but so is new content, and a blog is the best way to keep a website relevant, capitalize on trending topics, and provide important information to current and potential clients, customers, fans, patients, and new hires.

When it comes to courting customers or clients through your website or print publication, eloquent creative writing is the most persuasive “mouthpiece” you use to present your goods and services. As a B2B and B2C freelance writer, I am entrusted with the role of ambassador for brands, businesses, and livelihoods. I compose original evergreen web content and search-engine-optimized blog posts that secure conversions. As a freelance article writer for prominent magazines and websites, my work gets the clicks, likes, tweets, and shares that make editors happy. Allow me to write for you.