Celeb Connection: Why Writing About Pop Culture Is Good for Your Clients

You may not watch reality TV or keep up with celebrity news, but if you can infuse a celeb connection into any of your writing, your editors will probably love you. Google will certainly be nice to you. After all, celebrities get hashtags. Even D-list folks manage to eke out a living from a few well-timed escapades. Latch on to their 15 minutes of fame. Writing about pop culture can pay dividends for you… if you know how to do it right.

meghan markle writing about pop cultureMake Celeb Gossip Your BFF

The most-searched celebrities change from year to year (or week to week, or scandal to scandal). The current hot topics are Meghan Markle and pretty much any big name who has fed the #MeToo movement. How can you turn these of-the-moment folks into relevant fodder when you write a blog for, say, a financial planner? Easy. “What Will Happen to Harvey Weinstein’s Millions?” Or, “How You Can Afford a Wedding Like Meghan Markle’s.”

I am not nearly as much of a celeb news junkie as I used to be (parenting taking precedence and all that), but I still keep my eyes open for appropriate angles that can turn themselves into an article or blog post, like the Scary Mommy divorce or celeb kid emancipation. The high-profile news doesn’t even have to be happening right now, but just a popular thing in general that will never go away (thank goodness). To wit: I can connect just about anything to Harry Potter. And I found a way to talk about “The Office” for my last piece on Avvo Stories (I’ll miss you, Gary!).

Writing About Pop Culture News You Enjoy

Everyone has a favorite show or book or magazine or band. If they are notable, you can make them fit into the work you’re doing. Write what you know, right? When you’re stuck for topics, start in your comfort zone.

For example, I write dozens of blogs every month for cosmetic dentists. Coming up with new ideas can get very difficult and it’s easy to feel like I’m regurgitating my words. Thank you, pop culture, for changing from minute to minute, and always helping me fill in the blank when the well runs dry. A new season of “The Bachelorette” premieres? You know I’m talking about their teeth. People are shocked by inflation in Tooth Fairy world? I’m on it.

Look at the obvious. Then write about it. And your clients will say, “Thank you. More, please.”