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Here I am, promoting blog writing, telling you how important it is to maintain a blog to keep your website relevant – and I haven’t posted on my own blog in (gulp) months. All I have to say is this: two moves, two new schools, no babysitter. Make of that what you will. While my personal […]

Confessional Freelance Writing: Yay or Nay?

For several years, I had a regular gig as a contributing writer to Parent Society. I wrote dozens of articles about potty training, birthday parties, breastfeeding, potty training AND breastfeeding (nightmare), crafts, preschool, taking baby to the beach (one of the most popular ones, surprisingly), funky clothes for kids, technology, and why I dislike mom groups (my opinion […]

The Writing Life: A Colorful Google Search History

Writers have eclectic search engine histories. On any given day I may be seeking information about marijuana laws (for Avvo or a bridal magazine, believe it or not) or hunting down particulars about dental implants (for cosmetic dentistry ghost blogs). I write every day, and the internet is my biggest resource. So I’m thankful for Google, and […]