The Writing Life: A Colorful Google Search History

Writers have eclectic search engine histories. On any given day I may be seeking information about marijuana laws (for Avvo or a bridal magazine, believe it or not) or hunting down particulars about dental implants (for cosmetic dentistry ghost blogs). I write every day, and the internet is my biggest resource. So I’m thankful for Google, and I would proudly defend my entire search engine history if prompted.

The beauty of freelance writing is that I have the privilege of writing about things I enjoy (full disclosure: I’m slightly obsessed with eggs):

The curious history of the complimentary bar egg (Tales of the Cocktail)

Situations I have plenty of experience with:

4 ways entry-level employees are like toddlers (CareerCo blog)

Pop culture fun:

What Harry Potter would be like with Muggle laws (Avvo)

And I even write about things that make my stomach turn:

Beware of public restrooms on campus (Campus Pride)

Regardless of the topic, I am proud of all of my work. Whether a piece gets my byline or not, whether it’s a feature article or a blog post or a new page of evergreen web content, the writing matters. Original, SEO-rich writing matters. Because, hey, someone is probably Googling the topic that very second.

See my well-rounded writing life in all its glory on my Contently portfolio.