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Simplify Life: A Freelance Writer Says Buh-Bye to Social Media

Plenty of my freelancing writing colleagues will gasp at a freelance writer giving up social media. But Facebook and Twitter add nothing to my life. I know what goes into taking some of those photos (25 other photos until you get the one magic shot). There are too many promotional posts. And, frankly, I don’t care if someone proclaims their gym achievements five days a week (this is not my kind of motivation), if a “clever” mom blogger has posted another video about why motherhood stinks (yes, we know, but you’re not that funny — ok, BatDad is funny), or if my favorite brand is having a giveaway (you know who you are and I love you, but I’m audi).

None of these are reasons to stay on social media. So, I’m saying adios. Read more

The Writing Life: A Colorful Google Search History

Writers have eclectic search engine histories. On any given day I may be seeking information about marijuana laws (for Avvo or a bridal magazine, believe it or not) or hunting down particulars about dental implants (for cosmetic dentistry ghost blogs). I write every day, and the internet is my biggest resource. So I’m thankful for Google, and I would proudly defend my entire search engine history if prompted. Read more